My apologies for not posting this sooner, I’ve been enjoying life much more than I anticipated, strangely enough.

The Mrs wanted to move from our home in NSW, to Perth, Western Australia. I found a house, and surprised her by putting a deposit down on it during August 2023. We bought our current home, sight unseen (except for the photos on the listing), prior to listing and selling our old home. So, I’d been a little preoccupied with that side of tings.

With offers of work coming in during 2023, I pretty much said no to all of it, because my heart wasn’t in it, and I was pushing myself to walk away from work. It was hard, because I’d done this for so long.

During 2023, I had set up Perth Aerial, which was basically a change of name from my original aerial photography name,, but I’m now leaning toward retiring that too. I may keep Taken By, but I’ll only use it to post personal drone photos, turning my love of drone photography back into a hobby. I’ve found the moment you turn something into a ‘business’, the shine comes off it.

Generally speaking though, I’m keen on pursuing my love of photography, specifically iPhoneography.

I’ve got some serious surgery coming up on March 6, which will set me back health-wise for some time, so I’ll be taking things a bit slower from now on – without your health, what is there?

I know you’re not really interested in this, us, or me, and that’s fine. BUT, if you made it this far, thankyou.

I’ll leave this website live for the remainder of this year. I might keep it, but really, what’s the point now?

Here is to retirement. :)