April 18, 2017. This is the date that my partner and I decided that we’d start looking at buying another house, and moving.

Tomorrow – 7th February 2019, marks 5 years since we bought our current residence. Since then, on behalf of a Trust that I’m occasionally associated with, I’ve been lucky enough to be allowed to invest (on behalf of the Trust), in 3 holiday apartments and a 700 hectare farm (that all produce passive incomes – for the Trust). We could move to the farm in a few months, but the Mrs wants to continue working.

We didn’t know where we would buy, and we didn’t know if we’d buy new, or established. It’s been fun, because we had been looking ‘on the sly’ since April 2017.

‘Some time’ during 2018, we found acreage that was big enough for us both to do what we wanted – that is, Vicki still wanted to work – and create a nice big garden on her days off, and I wanted something big enough and ‘cleared enough’ to build a grass strip for the aeroplane and build another hangar, which would allow me to sell the existing one (that’s owned by the Trust), located in the Sydney Basin – sorry, I need to sound vague here!

At this point, we aren’t saying where it is, except for ‘it is thoroughly secluded from other properties’. We’ve had a beautiful house built on it, that we’ll turn into a wonderful home. I’m not saying how many bedrooms, or who built it. It’s a ‘Trust’ baby, meaning that a Trust I’m ‘sometimes associated with’ paid for it, and owns it. Me? I own nothing. I’m poor.

At this point, we aren’t all that sure if we are just going to rent out our current ‘home’, or sell it. We’ll probably sell it.

We are planning on setting up the boys future, by buying a property for / with them. We’ll see.

There has been quite a substantial amount of landscaping done, but I won’t elaborate, yet ;) I might share some pics on my Instagram at some point in the future.

I don’t want to sound cagey, but we have to be. Most of you (that know me well) will know why.

Ok, the purpose of this post!

Because we aren’t sure of what our movements will be over the next 6 months, I’m putting off any new work until we settle in, and down a bit. We might even go on a nice holiday – trust me, we’ve earned it.

I’m happy to help with small tasks, and concentrate on my existing load, but bigger projects, no thanks :)

There are also some other small changes I’m making, and technically, we’ll be off the grid.

As always, I’ll still be contactable through this website.

Exciting times ahead!!