Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings!

Just a short post, to say thanks to my clients, web collaborators, and theme developers that enable me to do my magic for my clients.

I will be working over the Christmas break, because as we all know, your websites must continue to function, and your client’ data needs to be secured.

Although I’m not taking on any new work for at least 2 weeks, I will continue with the projects I’ve taken on, until they are complete.

This time of the year brings out a lot of hackers, that unfortunately take advantage of your time-away, to cause havoc with your website – that is, mainly e-Commerce websites, but they still do try and steal information from basic websites.

You need to stay vigilant, and have your sites monitored.

Need to update your website security? Contact me, so you can relax at times like these.

From me to you, stay safe.