Hours Added

Well, that didn’t take long. 10 weeks to be precise.

Due to demand, I’ve had to provide additional days and hours.

My new hours of availability are;

Weekdays – 9am to 6pm

Saturday – 9am to 3pm

Sunday – Closed

This is not to say that I’m completely booked out, or working all these hours.

I’d been contacted by several [potential] customers, requesting work outside of the hours I’d said I’d be willing to work, and because of this, I’ve completely ‘revamped’ the hours I’m available for hire.

Please take note; I’m not willing to work nights anymore though. I want to live a bit.

The hours I am willing to work hasn’t changed, just the availability has.

But…..if a job requires excess time, that’ll be ok. I’d NEVER leave anybody stuck with a broken site, so I AM prepared to work until your website is completely finished, and functioning 100%.

My hourly rate is going to be kept at $57 per hour.

Contact me if you require my services, I look forward to working with you :)