About two months ago, I changed the days and tweaked the hours I dedicate towards CrainWP.com.

My dedication towards the work I do for CrainWP.com hasn’t changed, but I made a promise to myself and my partner, to live a life more balanced than I have in recent years.

I wanted to ‘get out’ more, rather than sit behind a desk for 70+ hours per week. I am also looking forward to studying photography in the new year, and flying my drone [ as a hobby ] a bit more.

Although WordPress has been very good to me, financially, I’ve been doing consistently good elsewhere, with other investments and the time has arrived where I’ve needed to re-evaluate my ‘role’ in life. The age-old question of ‘how much is enough’ has been trickling through my mind for the past few years, so I’ve decided to act on that question.

I love WordPress, so I will not be giving it up. I’ll still be answering emails, helping people via forums, and accepting requests for assistance via theme developers – just less of it.

The time has come to fly more, drive more, and enjoy life more. The past 9 months, have been bliss :)

(Drone Photo via Unsplash.com)

Not WordPress Related.

Several months ago, I attempted to contact this business, and find out who the ‘Robert Clifford Crain’ was behind the ‘Mums Cafe and Restaurant’ Business. To no avail.

I contacted NSW Police, as I believe that someone may have stolen my identity, who in return recommended I contact the Australian Taxation Office.

The Australian Taxation Office, in their wisdom, asked if I had proof that somebody had in fact stolen my identity, and is committing a crime. Obviously I don’t have proof, but what I do know is;

  1. My name is Robert Clifford Crain.
  2. In 2010, I registered a business name, Mums Cafe and Restaurant.
  3. I never renewed the business name, although for some reason it was renewed. It was finally cancelled in 2018.
  4. There is NO business registered now by that name.
  5. The odds of ANOTHER Robert Clifford Crain existing in New South Wales, let alone one that just happens to use the business name of Mums Cafe and Restaurant, dare I say, are all but 0%.

At what point does ANY Australian Government department or office, take these things seriously. I was basically told that if I had proof that somebody was breaking the law, I should provide it, otherwise, there’s nothing they could do.

What could be done at a Police or ATO level, is look at Government records to find out if there is in fact ‘another’ Robert Clifford Crain. Something so simple, made difficult by bureaucracy and a Public Service, that just does not care.

So, for the record – This is NOT me.

It’s already June, 2020. Where has this year gone, and WHERE have I been?

Well, I’ve been busy. Busier than what I’d hoped for, actually. There was an increase in the need for my services due to the uptake in online trading (re pandemic), placing excess loads on websites that I manage, but all has been running smoothly, and I can now begin to breathe again. I’m still working nights, albeit at reduced hours. I need a break now.

We moved into our new house (it was built over 2017/18/19), and we sold our old place, late last year.

This blog post was not meant to be too long, I just wanted people to know that I’m still active on the forums, and providing assistance to theme developers.

I do want to begin stepping back from this a little this year. I want to focus more on living.

Anyway, that should just about do it for the moment.

I’ll be back, soon.