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My [Aviation] History

Not WordPress related. Yes, I have an Aviation history. From a young age, I had a huge interest in aviation, well aeroplanes mainly. From that young age, my dad would would take me to mascot, near the old air control tower, and we’d sit, watching the aircraft take of and land. I loved it. The […]

Social Media + Websites

Just putting this out there. I have noticed there are some social media accounts using my name, alleged associations, and a website or two that people may believe to be me. I posted some time ago about winding back on Social Media [ I’m no longer active on it ] and the only active website […]

A Career In WordPress?

Have you ever considered becoming a Freelance WordPress Professional? Maybe you’ve been thinking about a change of pace, wanting to work hours outside of ‘the norm’, with the intent of creating a better work/ life balance? A few years ago, one could be forgiven for thinking that the likes of SquareSpace would be the end […]